Many factors determine the cost of cost of water damage cleanup, and estimates can vary widely. It is impossible to accurately assess damage without a thorough inspection of the area. Moisture can become trapped behind walls and under floors, and it can cause problems anywhere. To stop the damage, a flood restoration company needs to address all problem areas.

Damage Severity Determines Price

Most water damage restoration companies charge per square foot, and prompt hiring can prevent a relatively minor problem from turning into a large, costly one.

Moisture Source is Important

Moisture sources that don’t pose health risks, such as tap water or rain, are easily curtailed without special products and equipment as long as there is no mold growth. Other sources containing biological or chemical agents can pose health risks, and the worst sources pose extreme risk of severe illness. Companies typically charge more when handling dangerous moisture sources, because special chemicals and protective gear are required.

The Location of the Damaged Area is Another Factor

Some home materials are more easily replaced than other types are. It’s relatively easy to replace a baseboard, but ripping out and replacing drywall is more costly and time-consuming. Removing old carpet and installing new flooring is much more costly, and can require substantial extra time.

Hire a Licensed, Certified Company

While some homeowners choose water damage restoration companies based solely on price, one should ensure that they are hiring a certified professional. If the home is not thoroughly cleaned, lingering wetness can cause severe problems that may cost more to repair.

Moisture Leads to Bacterial and Mold Growth

The growth of bacteria and mold often happens in wall cavities and crawlspaces. By the time the condition is noticed, the problem can be very widespread. A family member with allergies or asthma can suffer from severe health issues, and even healthy people can experience respiratory issues.

If left untreated, moisture readings can cause the slow deterioration of clothing, wood, carpeting and other materials. These can be costly to replace, but it may be necessary if moisture causes rot or mold growth. For this reason, homeowners should select a reliable, licensed company that is certified in water damage restoration.